Sunday, April 22, 2012

Personhood in practice/Why treating Catholic Hospitals different is dangerous and stupid

This will be a short post if you read my other post you know I almost died after being denied abortion care during an incomplete miscarriage (spontaneous abortion).  Since I have made my story public I have heard two common themes from anti choicers.

1)I could've just gone to another hospital- um NO the town I lived in had ONE major hospital it was and still is Catholic.  This is happening in more and more places as Catholic hospitals buy up non religious institutions.  To me that argument would not sound so good if we inserted another religion that doesn't "believe" in some form of medical treatment.  Let's go with Jehovah's Witnesses. Not because I don't like them just because they have a controversial belief most people know about. If they suddenly started up hospitals and said well we're not going to do blood transfusions, oh well. People would be up in arms.  Surely no one would then blame some gun shot victim if they bled to death for not making sure the hospital gave blood in their time of crisis. Who thinks like that? You don't, you go to the nearest and best hospital when you're dying. You don't stop to think if there might be "people of faith" who will let you die.

 2)That it was an individual doctor's mistake that almost killed me, a rare occurrence of bad judgement NOT the fundamental beliefs of a hospital interfering in my standard of care.WRONG! this has been documented and studied. It's policy among Catholic hospitals. Hospitals that take a shit ton of money from the government in grants, medicaid, and medicare. My point here is simply think before you speak, especially when you don't know what you're talking about. Also where would you want your loved one to be in the event of a pregnancy emergency. I have not been the only woman effected by these policies.  This is part of why fetal personhood can never work!


  1. Religions need to adapt and accommodate.
    Jehovah's Witnesses blood transfusion confusion

    Jehovahs Witnesses take blood products now in 2012.
    They take all fractions of blood.This includes hemoglobin, albumin, clotting factors, cryosupernatant and cryopoor too, and many, many, others.
    If one adds up all the blood fractions the JWs takes, it equals a whole unit of blood. Any, many of these fractions are made from thousands upon thousands of units of donated blood.
    Jehovah’s Witnesses can take Bovine *cows blood* as long as it is euphemistically called synthetic Hemopure.
    Jehovah's Witnesses now accept every fraction of blood except the membrane of the red blood cell. JWs now accept blood transfusions.
    The fact that the JW blood issue is so unclear is downright dangerous in the emergency room.
    Danny Haszard
    JW blood reform site

  2. Exactly my point Danny thank you, if you deviate from standard of care because you have a religious objection you are in fact forcing your beliefs on someone else while endangering their life. My ex is a witness and still adheres to No Blood all of it. I wasn't trying to pick on that faith but it is the easiest parallel to draw because people have a double standard regarding religions they don't understand.