Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why this blog and why this name

So this is a new blog for me I am a mother, activist, citizen, feminist, and follower of politics. I started this blog to give voice to my opinions and musings on all things political and current events related. I often talk to my friends at length about the issues of the day and political issues affecting poor women and children, especially poor women and children of color. This blog will give me a place to organize and print those things.
Now onto the name of this blog. I joke with friends and family that I am essentially a statistic. I am a young, black, single mom on food stamps living in poverty. Yet I, like many in the "hood", defy the stereotype I am not stupid or uninvolved in my community. I work hard everyday to raise good kids, hold my household together, better myself, and with the time left over better my community. Hence the title The Intelligent Statistic Speaks because I am one of the people that are often being referred to in debates about political topics involving the poor, the black, the women, you know those people .  So guess what, I am choosing to speak-welcome to the discussion!

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